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Christopher Columbus believes he can find an alternative route to the far East and persuades the King and Queen of Spain to finance his expedition. But the Sultan of Turkey, who makes a great deal of money through taxing the merchants who have to pass through his country on the current route, sends his best spy, Fatima, to wreck the trip.
Having managed to destroy traditional British comedy by the early '90's, the alternative comedy brigade then made complete fools of themselves by signing up for 'Carry On Columbus'. Why, exactly? Alexei Sayle was a vociferous critic of 'old school' comics such as Les Dawson, so what's he doing here? Actually, neither he, Rik Mayall, Julian Clary, Keith Allen and co. can be blamed for the film turning out a stinker. Sid James, Kenneth Williams and the original gang would have had a tough time making this dreadful script funny. It plays like a bad 'Carry On' spoof done by 'The Comic Strip Presents' team. Clary manages a few guffaws as a Hawtrey-substitute, but the only person to emerge with any credit is Jim Dale. Old-timers Jack Douglas, Leslie Phillips, June Whitfield and Jon Pertwee feature in so few scenes as to be barely noticeable. I pity anyone who paid to see it on its original release; on television you can always change channels, or better still put on a 'Carry On Screaming' D.V.D.
This film is the biggest pile of doosh, it&#39;s been my misfortune to endure, I love the carry on films, and because I do, I have problems even excepting this pityful movies exsistence. Barbara Windsor and Joan Sims did the wise thing and refused to have anything to do with this debarcle. To include so called modern comics such as Rik Mayell, Alexi Sayle etc is an insult to the Carry on name. A movie HAS to be bad if the normally grotesque Julian Clarey, gives me the only chuckle of the film. The only &#39;true&#39; Carry on regular in this movie was Jim Dale (and Peter Gilmore at a push). June Whitfield, Leslie Phillips, Jack Douglas &amp; Bernard Cribbins, all made only a handful of appearances in the series, and do themselves no favours appearing in this arsefest. Lets put this into perspective.<br/><br/>Sid James is Dead, Kenneth Williams is Dead, Kenneth Connor is Dead, Charles Hawtrey is Dead, Hattie Jacques is Dead, Peter Butterworth is Dead, Joan Sims is Dead. Bernard Bresslaw is Dead.<br/><br/>These people along with Babs and Jim, WERE the Carry on movies, it was their magic and their comedic timing and delivery that made these films charming. Not because they were &#39;Carry on Films&#39; but because THEY were in them, and the rapport they had as a working team, (even though Sid and Williams disliked each other), made that Carry on Magic. This film was nothing more than ghostriding.<br/><br/>And if This movie wasn&#39;t damaging enough to the Carry on name, then I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll all be sickened to hear that they&#39;re planning to make another. STRUTH!!!!

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